Faulty gate latches

Did you know that some major hardware shops in Brisbane are still selling non-compliant pool gate latches? Please check with us if you are thinking of completing repairs yourself to ensure you are getting the correct hardware for your pool fence and gates. Also remember we guarantee all our work and materials to be compliant.

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Don’t risk getting fined!

Did you know that Councils like the Brisbane City Council are now increasing their pool safety inspection checks across Brisbane and Ipswich areas? Don’t risk on the spot fines from $800 to over $2000 and get your fence checked today. We can check your fence, repair your fence or build you a new one. Need…

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Important pool safety message on channel 9

http://www.9news.com.au/national/2016/06/12/20/42/tough-new-standards-for-backyard-pools Please view this important video about what the councils are doing with non-compliant pools. Let us know if you have any questions or need a pool fence check. We also have a check list on this web site under the “Pool Safety Inspections” drop down list.

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Important information: Big fines for non-compliance on pool fencing

Wow, the dead line of every pool in Queensland being compliant to the new standards has nearly arrived. The deadline date 30th of November 2015 is only a couple of months away. Are you ready? Did you know that local governments have the power to investigate compliance with pool safety standards and can issue fines?…

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Pool fence repairs in Brisbane and Ipswich

Did you know that some pool fence inspection companies have repairs as an option on their site but do not do it themselves? At Robson’s, we have over 14 years of trade experience, so when it comes to repairs and getting good ideas of how to complete your non-conformities, we know what we are doing….

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Pre-purchase inspections

Want peace of mind before purchasing a property with a pool? We offer pre-purchase inspections/consultations starting from $100. Take the risk out of purchasing a property where there may be thousands of dollars of work to be done. We highly recommend having a pre-purchase inspection carried out by one of our experienced team instead of going…

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Our New Site!

Hi everyone, Welcome to our brand new website! We’re pretty excited to be rolling this out – we’d love to hear your feedback. In the meantime happy holidays and all the best for 2015. Stay safe!

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