Equipotential bonding

Do you know what equipotential bonding is?

Equipotential bonding is the equalisation of electrical potential (voltage). By connecting any electrically conductive building materials (pool equipment, pool fences, diving boards, etc) to the earthing system of the house by electrical cables

Using a simple analogy.

“Just as water in a pipeline can escape when joints or the pipe itself deteriorates, so electricity can escape when the insulation of a charged electrical circuit fails.  The only difference being that one can get you wet while the other can kill you.  Escaping electricity can reach and electrify otherwise latent conductive material such as a steel reinforced concrete pool structure, metal fixtures, pool water and the exposed surface of electrical equipment, any one of which can be fatal.”

By joining items of differing potential to a common earth (bonding), the potential for electric shock in the event of electrical leakage is avoided as it all goes straight to earth.

Equipotential bonding is a recommendation for existing pools but is compulsory for new pools.

For further information, please click on the SPASA link below:

SPASA Equipotential Bonding Technical Update