Building Regulations

“Building Codes Queensland has released Building and Plumbing Newsflash 524 to advise of a consultation process on the proposal to reduce red tape for pools in Class 2,3 & 4 buildings.  The consultation period will end on 23 August.

The Building Regulation 2006 prescribes minor repairs and other work that can be performed by a PSI or a pool owner as self-assessable work (without a building development approval) and certified by a PSI.  In July 2012, the Regulation was amended to permit certain owners of houses and town-houses (class 1a buildings) with existing, non-shared pools to construct, repair, replace or alter the pool fence without making a building development application, provided they engage a PSI before work starts and ensure a PSI inspects the work within three months.

It is proposed to expand the Regulation amendments to include barriers for existing pools associated with classes 2, 3 and 4 buildings, for example residential unit complexes, motels or hotels.

It is proposed to restrict the work to barriers that serve no structural function other than as a pool barrier.  For example, if a fence’s only function, apart from a barrier restricting access to the pool, is to create a dividing fence between two lots, then work on this fence would be self-assessable.  However, work on a balustrade, where there are additional considerations such as the impact of wind and other forces, would be excluded (and require a building development application).  This recognises that PSI’s receive training in assessing compliance with the pool safety standard and only nominal training in other aspects of the building codes.

Subject to the ‘structural function’ restriction, it is proposed to permit this work to be done without a building development application, provided (similar with the requirements for class 1a building owners):


  • a PSI is engaged before work starts
  • if the pool is non-compliant before work starts, a nonconformity notice is obtained before work is started, stating what needs to be done to make the fence comply
  • the work is inspected by a PSI within three months of the original engagement.”

Adrian Hart, SPASA Q

Who are SPASA? Are Robson's a Member?

To continue to maintain a high standard of understanding of the legislation and professional development, I am part of SPASA. SPASA is a vital part of pool safety. Have a look at their web site for more information.

Trees in non climb zone

I have found quite a few properties with trees being an issue. Some information I can give is that if your fence is 1800mm or higher, your NCZ (non climb zone) is on either your side of the fence or the neighbours side. The NCZ is a 900mm arc from the top of the fence straight out and down on either side. Anything deemed climbable (anything over 10mm and able to withhold 25kgs) must not be in this area. Only one side has to have the NCZ free.

With trees in the NCZ, they must not lean more than 15 degrees or have anything that is protruding more than a 10mm  and can hold 25kgs or more of weight. Sometimes all it takes is a little trim of a few branches but sometimes it may take trees being removed.

If your fence is between 1200-1800mm the NCZ is on the outside away from the pool. This can be boundary fences with your neighbour. If your neighbour has trees or climbable objects in the NCZ this will require an agreement with the neighbour to alter these objects or another option is to raise the fence to at least 1800mm

A Review of Pool Safety Covers Brisbane

In 2011/12 there were 21 drowning deaths in Australia for children aged 0 to 4 years of age. The Royal Life Saving Society National Drowning Report reveals that falls into water were the most common cause of drowning deaths in children under the age of 5 years and that 38% of these deaths occurred in swimming pools.

Pool Cover, Robson's Pool Safety Inspections

Young children tend to gravitate to water, especially swimming pools in the home. Pool gates either left open or propped open provide easy entry for youngsters to these areas. And tables, chairs, large plant pots and equipment, that are placed close to pool fencing, can be an adventurous invitation for curious children to climb and explore.

As we all know, pool fences are the first line of defense against accidental drowning and there are Australia Standards that specify the design, construction and performance of pool fences.

But there are other, additional safety precautions pool owners can take to reduce the risk of accidental drowning. One of these measures is to install a pool safety cover that fits tightly around your pool when it is not in use. It should be able to hold a significant amount of weight so that if a child falls into the pool they are fully supported by the pool safety cover and will not enter the water.

If you are interested in increasing the safety around your swimming pool – here are 5 companies in Australia that provide pool safety covers:

Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers are an Australian company based in WA. They manufacture their pool covers and roller systems in NSW and have distributors throughout Australia who can help you select the best product for your needs. All products are DIY.

Abgal Liners & Covers have an extensive range of custom-made pool covers for above and in-ground pools, tank liners and pond and dam liners. In business since 1976, Abgal is 100% family owned and operated in Australia. Stockists can be found throughout Australia.

Just Covers provide a range of quality, customised pool covers in the Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane area as well as in many other regional centres on the east coast. They provide a full installation service as well as pool covers for DIY. All of their pool covers have a minimum of 5 years warranty and all are Australian made.

Elite Pool Covers was established in 1989 by John Webb who invented the first Australian fully automated pool cover system. Elite also invented Australia’s first commercially built motorised winding system which was used at two World Swimming Championships in WA.
They have outlets throughout Australia and supply a variety of rigid, flexible and mesh pool covers as well as semi and fully-automatic pool cover systems direct to the public.

Sun Bather are an online business that supply high quality solar pool heating and pool covers and roller systems direct to the public. Sun Bather will install the solar heaters and cover for you. Pricing is dependent on metre coverage,

Be aware that the Queensland Government has recently updated the pool safety laws. For pool safety inspections and certifications, call Robson’s Pool Safety Inspections on 07 3376 7895 or request an inspection online.

Criminal conviction for NSW pool owner

Pool safety is now Australia wide and taken very seriously. Have a read of the link added below.

If you have a swimming pool contact our pool inspectors in Brisbane today to book an appointment.

3 Safe and Fun Pool Games for Kids

Ball, Robson's Pool Safety Inspections

Apart from the serious but essential matters of pool inspections, safety certificates and pool fencing requirements, swimming pools are also there to be enjoyed. We’re guessing that’s the reason why you had a pool built in Brisbane in the first place! Since swimming pools facilitate quality leisure time and contribute to overall fitness,Robson’s Pool Safety Inspections would like to share some popular swimming pool games for children to play this summer in your pool. The kids will be sure to love playing these games and since safety is our number one concern, you can rest assured that these games will be not only tonnes of fun, but safe as well.

Treasure Dive

Kids that love to swim underwater will enjoy Treasure Dive, while also getting exercise in the process. In this pool game, a number of items such as pebbles, marbles or other objects that sink are thrown into the pool, dispersing them evenly.
Players then retrieve the objects one by one within a certain time limit to see who has the largest bounty, with the player with most items getting to keep their loot. Remaining collected treasure is thrown back into the pool for subsequent rounds until all treasure is collected.

Marco Polo

A favourite pool game for generations, Marco Polo is played by three or more players where the player who is ‘it’ must try to tag other swimmers by calling out ‘Marco’ to which the other players will respond ‘Polo.’ The catch is the ‘it’ player must keep their eyes closed (no cheating) and try to tag other players based on what they can hear, rather than see.

Noodle Horse Races

Two or more players each sit on a floating swimming noodle so one leg is on each side. Using arms and feet noodle jockeys scramble to reach the other end of the pool first by remaining upright at all times. Kids are sure to use a number of different strategies to get to the other end as they realise it’s more of a challenge than initially thought!

It’s important to note that all kids should be confident swimmers before they are able to play these games, and able to dive underwater and hold their breath with ease. Pool games that involve running around or diving into the pool should be avoided, due to risk of injury. All children should also be supervised by an adult while using a pool with properly maintained fencing and regular pool inspections as a Queensland Government legal requirement. To find out more about bringing your pool up to regulatory requirements please call us here at Robson’s Pool Safety Inspections – the pool safety specialists. (07) 3376 7895

4 Practices for Smart Pool Safety

Girl In Pool, Robson's Pool Safety Inspections

While pool fencing and adequate safety inspections are essential elements of pool safety, safe practices and around the pool go a lot further than just securing the pool area with a fence. Since pool safety is the name of our game here at Robson’s Pool Safety Inspections, we’d like to share some general tips and advice for sensible and safe practices around the pool to coincide with summer and the greater use of swimming pools in Brisbane and Ipswichduring this period.

Kids under 5 should be supervised at arm’s length

Since children in this age bracket are statistically at the highest risk of drowning that any other group, it is essential that during any time in the water adults are available at a close distance to directly supervise. This main concern of the supervising adult should be to watch, teach and assist with movement for the youngster.

Enrol Children in Swimming Lessons

We recommend enrolling children in at least a few ongoing professional swimming lessons. These lessons teach vital skills such as floatation, breathing techniques and other movement strategies in the water. No matter what the ability, swimming lessons are conducted in a supportive and caring environment and can teach valuable skills for confidence in the water.

No running around pool perimeter

Communicating guidelines and rules around pool use is essential to encourage safe practices for your children when using the swimming pool. Tiled edges around swimming pools can become slippery when wet, therefore running in the pool area is not advised, as it diving which can cause serious injury should the water be too shallow.

Learn CPR and other resuscitation techniques

Basic CPR courses are available to enrol in at all times of year and have been proven to save lives. Do your family a favour and become trained in CPR. You’re already a hero in the eyes of your kids but CPR training can give you the skills and knowledge to be a real-life hero – and will be something you’ll always be grateful you knew.

We’re here to keep the kids safe – that’s what we do, what we’ve always done and what we will continue to do. Please stay tuned to our advice and information page for further updates on pool safety advice and tips. To book a pool inspection or get a safety certificate for your pool, contact the team here at Robson’s Pool Safety Inspections – (07) 3376 7895.

Top Ten Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Children

Girls In Pool, Robson's Pool Safety Inspections

At Robson’s Pool Safety we’re here to keep the kids safe and we make it our personal mission to ensure drowning tragedies never happen in yourGold Coast home. Since drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death in Australia for children under five, there are many safety measures that can be taken in and around the pool area to spare your family a lifetime of emotional trauma that such an accident causes. To help combat the problem here are our top ten swimming pool safety tips for children we recommend implementing to promote safety in and around the swimming pool.

  1. Have someone who is trained in CPR available while children are in the pool. If no adult is in your family is trained make learning CPR a priority.
    2. Never leave a child unsupervised by a pool – even if for only a second
    3. Do not allow children to eat while swimming. Even something as simple as chewing gum can cause a choking hazard.
    4. Be wary of inflatable swimming aids such as ‘floaties.’ These are to substitute for direct supervision and can give children a false sense of security.
    5. Remove steps to in-ground pools when not in use
    6. Properly maintain the fence area and keep the entry gate closed at all times.
    7. Parents should be within arms reach of non-swimmers and children under 5 years at all time.
    8. Remove toys from pool area after using the pool to prevent kids from being tempted to return to pool area while unsupervised.
    9. Ensure there are no climbing points from surrounding trees or gardens that could assist children in accessing the pool area.
    10. Never use a pool or spa with a pool cover partially in place as children can become trapped under it.

Finally we recommend staying up to date with the safety compliance of your pool. This means scheduling the necessary pool inspections and obtaining the compulsory pool safety certificates. Here at Robson’s Pool Safety we aim to be a one stop shop for pool safety. By carrying out safety inspections, minor repairs and issuing safety certificates on the same day we can save you time and money and bring you up to compliance. To find out more please call one of our friendly team on 07 3376 7895 today!

A Check List for Pool Fences and Gates

Before you give us a call you could quickly check the safety of your pool fence and gate by using the check list below. Give us a call if you find one or several problems!

ð Do I have a pool fence separating my pool from my neighbours?

ð Is the outside of my pool fence at least 1.2 metres high all the way around the pool?

ð Does my fence have restricting access from my house to my pool?

ð All near vertical or vertical fence uprights are no more than 100 millimetres apart

ð Is the bottom of my pool fence no more than 100 millimetres off the ground?

ð Is the top of my fence no less than 900 millimetres above my low horizontal fence rails?

ð Are all near horizontal and horizontal fence rails no less than 900 millimetres apart?

ð Is my pool fence no less than 900 millimetres away from any object that could potentially allow a child to climb over the fence? Trees, furniture, rocks?

ð Is my pool fence well maintained? Are there holes or broken posts?

ð Does my pool gate closes by itself from any position?

ð Does my gate latches by itself after you close it?

ð Does my pool gate opens away from the pool?

ð Do I have a latch release which is no less than 1.5 metres above the ground? Or Is it covered so a child can’t open the gate?

Red tape costs slashed for pool owners

Red tape costs slashed for pool owners

Pool owners who upgrade or repair their pool barriers will no longer need to submit a building application, saving both time and money.

Housing and Public Works Minister Dr Bruce Flegg said Building Regulation 2006 had been amended to allow pool safety inspectors to assess upgrade and repair work.

“This is a sensible decision that cuts red tape for pool owners without compromising safety,” Dr Flegg said.

“Previously, pool owners had to submit a building application for any fencing works for a pool barrier involving more than five metres of fence or more than six fence posts.

“Under the changes, these jobs are able to be inspected by a pool safety inspector, saving pool owners between $350 and $900.”

Dr Flegg said there remained a range of repairs and maintenance that pool owners could do without supervision, for example replacing only two fence posts.

However, where a pool owner is planning more extensive upgrades, a pool safety inspector will need to be engaged before the work begins.

Man charged after drowning death of child – Armidale

Tuesday, 03 July 2012 07:24:43 PM

A man will face court next month after the drowning death of a two-year-old child in the state’s north earlier this year.

About 4.45pm on 14 May 2012, police attended a house in Fletcher Street, Armidale, after a two and a half year old boy was found submerged in a backyard pool of an adjoining home.

Police arrived and assisted in CPR. Ambulance Paramedics arrived and the child was taken to Armidale Hospital in a critical condition. He died in John Hunter Hospital two days later.

Detectives attached to New England Local Area Command have been investigating the events surrounding the child’s death.

Today (Tuesday 3 July 2012), a 61-year-old man attended Armidale Police Station on appointment at 3pm. The man was interviewed and subsequently charged with manslaughter. Police will be alleging the man was the owner of a residence where the child was found in the pool. It will be further alleged the pool was not adequately fenced, as per legislative requirements, at the time of the boy’s death.

The 61-year-old man was granted conditional bail and will appear in Armidale Local Court on 6 August 2012

Advantages of aluminium pool fences Brisbane

Queensland is famous for having unpredicted weather; one day is sunny and the next is rainy. This can cause lots of damages and dramas around everyone’s properties. Here at Robson’s Pool Safety Inspection we frequently see pool fences damaged during a storm, for this reason we make sure our pool fences are installed properly and as safe as possible to reduce any damages caused by storms. We specialise in different types of fences such as aluminium pool fences Brisbane.

Today will share with you some advantages of aluminium pool fences:

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Aluminium pool fences are lightweight and easy to install; for this reason you can have a fully certified pool fence installed within a day or so.
DurabilityIt is very important to have a pool fence that is equally durable and long lasting. Aluminium pool fences are perfect for this. They can endure harsh weather without rusting, warping or corroding.

Low Maintenance

Because they are so resistant and durable, it is also extremely easy to maintain. You just need to give it a clean once in a while.

Good looking

Aluminium fences look fantastic in any style of home, from traditional to modern, they always compliment the house.

The best part is that you can even combine aluminium with other materials such as glass to create an original design.


Aluminium pool fences are also a very economical alternative, and still comply with the pool fencing regulations in Australia.

You won’t have to spend a lot of money to install a pool fence that both meets the budget and looks great.

Call us on 07 3376 7895 or visit our website to send us an enquiry and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We can provide you with all the information you need on our aluminium pool fences Brisbane and more!

Tips for installing a pool fence

Are you considering a pool fence? This is essential for keeping your family safe, and also pets and visitors to your property. Getting in the water is wonderful, especially if it is summer and you have your own pool in your backyard, but remember to keep everything safe. Pools should be enjoyed, and the installation of a pool fence will allow you to swim and relax while remaining stress free. Talk to us at Robson’s Pool Safety, for all of your pool fencing needs.

Pool fences are legal requirements in Queensland

If you are living in Queensland and you have a pool in your backyard, it is a legal requirement to install a fence around it that meets the regulations. It will be your responsibility as a pool owner, to protect people from drowning in your pool. Even if you believe that a fence is unsightly or unnecessary, you are required to have one by law.

Arrange an inspection

Talk to a pool fencing professional about the fence that you are required to have around your pool. A consultation with an industry expert will ensure that you are making the right decision the first time, and that you are actually choosing and installing a fence that meets the legal requirements and that will keep the people who enter your property safe. A pool fencing professional can also advise you about the different fences on the market, and the features and benefits that they can offer your family.

Remember repairs

If you are installing a new fence, remember that at some stage it will need repairs. You may need to inspect it regularly, or employ a professional to do so for you. Repairs will be important to ensure that your fence is functioning correctly as a safety feature around your pool. A damaged fence may not seem like a huge problem, but it will be if it causes a person to drown. Stay on top of your fence inspections, maintenance and repairs.

Consider glass fencing

Glass fencing is an option if you would like a streamlined, transparent and stylish fence around your pool. Glass fences are tough and durable, and are in line with pool fencing regulations. Glass fencing will add value to your home, and it provides an elegant appearance so that you can relax and enjoy your pool in a classy environment.

For more great tips, photos and videos, please visit our Facebook page.


Here are some other style options that may interest you  

Colorbond Pool Fencing
Colorbond Pool Fencing

Colorbond pool fencing is a beautiful and extremely popular safety fence for your home. Robust and durable this type of pool fencing will really enhance the look and value of your property.

Timber Pool Fencing
Timber Pool Fencing

Timber Pool Fencing combines privacy with earthy style. Robson's Pool Safety Inspections are specialists in installing beautiful treated Timber Fences that stand the test of time.