Before you give us a call, you could quickly check the safety of your pool fence and gate by using the general check list below for issues we most commonly see every day. Give us a call if you find one or several problems!

 Item Checklist
 Do I have a pool fence separating my pool from my neighbours?
 Is the outside of my pool fence at least 1200 mm high all the way around the pool?
Does my fence have restricting access from my house to my pool?
All near vertical or vertical fence uprights are no more than 100 mm apart?
 Do I have any gaps under the pool fence less than 100 mm?
Do my horizontal fence rails have a distance over 900 mm and total fence height over 1200 mm?
Do I have a current CPR sign?
Are there no objects within 900 mm that could potentially allow a child to climb over the fence? Trees, furniture, rocks?
Is my pool fence well maintained? Are there holes or broken posts?
Does my pool gate close by itself from any position?
Does my gate latch engage when it closes? Can it be pulled out?
Does my pool gate open away from the pool?
Do I have a latch release which is no less than 1500 mm above the ground? Or Is it a side pull latch with hand hole over 1200 mm high and latch 150 mm down from top?

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Colorbond Pool Fencing
Colorbond Pool Fencing

Colorbond pool fencing is a beautiful and extremely popular safety fence for your home. Robust and durable this type of pool fencing will really enhance the look and value of your property.

Timber Pool Fencing
Timber Pool Fencing

Timber Pool Fencing combines privacy with earthy style. Robson's Pool Safety Inspections are specialists in installing beautiful treated Timber Fences that stand the test of time.