Pre-inspection tip for gates

Great tips on what to look for before a pool safety inspection, check out our Youtube video below.

Hi, today we are going to show you a couple of things we look over into pool safety inspection on a gate. Here’s the pool with a gate that’s going to be self closing and self latching. Now, once the gate is open, it is going to close by itself.

Another thing we look for is when we open the gate right up, it does not catch on some things like grass, rock or other objects.

Another thing we test for is if a child wants to jump on the gate, it still closes quickly afterwards.
And then we test to make sure that after baring a child’s weight it always clicks to close afterwards. I hope this helps and if you have any questions, let me know.

Do you need a building approval for pool fencing?

“Building Codes Queensland has released Building and Plumbing Newsflash 524 to advise of a consultation process on the proposal to reduce red tape for pools in Class 2,3 & 4 buildings.  The consultation period will end on 23 August.

The Building Regulation 2006 prescribes minor repairs and other work that can be performed by a PSI or a pool owner as self-assessable work (without a building development approval) and certified by a PSI.  In July 2012, the Regulation was amended to permit certain owners of houses and town-houses (class 1a buildings) with existing, non-shared pools to construct, repair, replace or alter the pool fence without making a building development application, provided they engage a PSI before work starts and ensure a PSI inspects the work within three months.

It is proposed to expand the Regulation amendments to include barriers for existing pools associated with classes 2, 3 and 4 buildings, for example residential unit complexes, motels or hotels.

It is proposed to restrict the work to barriers that serve no structural function other than as a pool barrier.  For example, if a fence’s only function, apart from a barrier restricting access to the pool, is to create a dividing fence between two lots, then work on this fence would be self-assessable.  However, work on a balustrade, where there are additional considerations such as the impact of wind and other forces, would be excluded (and require a building development application).  This recognises that PSI’s receive training in assessing compliance with the pool safety standard and only nominal training in other aspects of the building codes.

Subject to the ‘structural function’ restriction, it is proposed to permit this work to be done without a building development application, provided (similar with the requirements for class 1a building owners):

  • a PSI is engaged before work starts
  • if the pool is non-compliant before work starts, a nonconformity notice is obtained before work is started, stating what needs to be done to make the fence comply
  • the work is inspected by a PSI within three months of the original engagement.”

Adrian Hart, SPASA Q

One stop shop

What we do at Robson’s is try to be a one stop shop. We carry out the pool safety inspections and can do the repairs to any issues we find. We can also do complete new fence installations. We have partnerships with a lot of other trades that we use from Glass work, builders, concreter’s, pool cleaners and pump repairs, building and pest inspections, landscapers etc.  Basically if you choose you won’t have to look far for help, we have it covered.

Our prices start from $150 for an inspection including GST for a swimming pool and we can do it cheaper for some spas.

If you ever have any questions, we are always happy to help.

A Review of Pool Safety Covers Brisbane

In 2011/12 there were 21 drowning deaths in Australia for children aged 0 to 4 years of age. The Royal Life Saving Society National Drowning Reportreveals that falls into water were the most common cause of drowning deaths in children under the age of 5 years and that 38% of these deaths occurred in swimming pools.

Tips for Installing A Pool Fence

Are you considering a pool fence? This is essential for keeping your family safe, and also pets and visitors to your property. Getting in the water is wonderful, especially if it is summer and you have your own pool in your backyard, but remember to keep everything safe.

Pools should be enjoyed, and the installation of a pool fence will allow you to swim and relax while remaining stress free. Talk to us at Robson’s Pool Safety, for all of your pool fencing needs.


  • Simply one of the best service providers you can use. Highly recommended because he takes that extra step required to get the best outcome for the customer. No hesitation in recommending this company. Mark
  • Thanks Nick for your support and assistance in getting our pool ready for certification.  You certainly made the whole process easy and affordable. Pete Karana Downs
  • So refreshing to have a trades person do the little things right. 1. Return a phone call 2. Email you the quote and then email when they are doing and then completed the job 3. text to say- all done 🙂 Refreshingly awesome. David – Westlake 4074
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Here are some other style options that may interest you  

Colorbond Pool Fencing
Colorbond Pool Fencing

Colorbond pool fencing is a beautiful and extremely popular safety fence for your home. Robust and durable this type of pool fencing will really enhance the look and value of your property.

Timber Pool Fencing
Timber Pool Fencing

Timber Pool Fencing combines privacy with earthy style. Robson's Pool Safety Inspections are specialists in installing beautiful treated Timber Fences that stand the test of time.