Jess Pugh our local MP for Mount Ommaney gives an important reminder

The importance of pool safety for you and your family is imperative but you have you thought about the potential danger if a child from a neighbouring property entered your yard?

Jess our local MP for Mount Ommaney gave me an example recently I wanted to share.

“When I was still in high school, I was looking after my sister at my parents place which had a swimming pool. While we were out the back of the property, I noticed that another child was around the side of our property. I walked over to check and it was a young boy from a neighbouring property, and he was trying to get into the pool to reach a inflatable toy. Thank goodness our pool had a fence.”

“I didn’t recognise him so I picked him up and took him to our front yard to wait for his mum, who came rushing down the street a minute later, she had turned her back while hanging washing in the backyard and off he went. I was so very grateful my parents fully fenced their pool, because it meant this little toddler was safe, dry and unharmed, not found floating face-down in our family pool.”

Because Jess’s family had a fully fenced pool, a closed gate and her keen eye, this potentially saved the wandering child’s life. It only takes a few moments for a child to drown so it is very important to supervise, NEVER prop your gate, ensure your gate shuts by itself at all times and have a safe barrier. It may not be your kids you have to keep safe too!

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