Pool safety tips during the colder Winter months

Pool safety tips during the colder Winter months


During the colder days in winter, it is easy to forget about your swimming pool fence here in Queensland. It is important to remember a young child probably will not even think about the water being cold. Therefore, it is important to check your pool gates and barrier regularly to ensure their safety. Below are a few key issues:


  • Gate hinges may slow down and the pool gate may not shut by itself.
  • The ground may have moved causing gate to jam on the ground.
  • After rain, it is common for posts to move and this may be enough for the gate to be out of alignment.
  • Some latches over time become faulty by swelling in the catcher and a gate could pull out when you think it is closed.
  • NEVER prop your gate open.

Think about those issues for a minute. Imagine not knowing about the gate not working or propping your pool gate open and your child gets into the pool – SCARY.

It is not just the gates you have to pay attention to. I will outline some serious issues I see every day that could lead to a disaster with the pool fence barrier:


  • Having plants and vines growing on your pool fence could create easy access to climb into the pool.
  • Pot plants, kids’ toys, chairs, tables etc, must always be more than 900 mm away from the pool fence.
  • Broken screws and the panel were not attached to the posts, a child could push and get into the pool area.
  • Maintenance issues like loose palings, rails, rods can and do happen over time.
  • Having kids’ toys inside the pool area can encourage children to try and get in the pool area.

As dangerous as these can be, the risk can be reduced by getting regular compliance checks. We can assess your pool barrier and usually be able to quote to fix the issues. Our extensive knowledge of the legislation here in Queensland, is second to none. Also, our expert construction knowledge will also help to ensure your pool is safe.

Robson’s Pool Safety Inspections service most of Brisbane areas and are the experts for your pool safety certificates and pool safety compliance.

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